Put Your Intuition to Work



SKU: 9781624613524

Author: Lynn A. Robinson

Narrator: Hillary Huber

Running time: 7 hrs 21 min

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How to Supercharge Your Inner Wisdom to Think Fast and Make Great Decisions

Intuition is the hot buzzword in business, but specific guidelines on how to trust your gut have been sorely lacking. Put Your Intuition to Work provides that missing link.

Business is about making money, but it’s also about making decisions. There are relatively small decisions, like when to call a meeting or which emails to answer quickly. Then there are the big decisions that can make or break a business–which product to launch, whom to hire, how to spend.

Hard work, analytics, past successes, intelligence, and a great business plan aren’t enough anymore. Many of us are scrambling to discover the path to success but have found instead that we’ve lost our way. Although many business leaders won’t publicize it, intuition is a key part of their decision-making success. Put Your Intuition to Work offers numerous compelling stories from entrepreneurs and executives about how they successfully use intuition in their daily lives. It is an inspiring and practical guide to help you:
Make successful decisions when you don’t have all the facts.
Tap into your passion as a personal source of guidance.
Discover the many ways to listen to your “inner CEO.