SKU: 9781624614309

Author: Rob Kendall

Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Running time: 5 hours

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Why conversations go wrong and how to fix them

Winner of the 2015 COVR Award for Best Self-Help Book!  Blamestorming outlines the reasons why our daily conversations go wrong, explains how to respond when they do and provides tips on how to stop them going wrong in the first place. Based on his experience as a highly respected communications coach for international companies and business professionals, Rob Kendall provides a practical guide to achieving more rewarding and effective interactions with everyone in your life – from your boss to your partner. Rob’s techniques have been proven to be effective for thousands of people from all walks of life and are presented in an illustrated step-by-step format that makes them easy to put into practice from Day One. Underpinning the book’s approach to consistently having better interactions is an explanation of the warning signals that indicate when a conversation is going off track.