Notes on a Killing – Love, Lies, and Murder in a Small New Hampshire Town



SKU: 9781624617645

Author: Kevin Flynn, Rebecca Lavoie

Narrator: Aven Shore

Running time: 9 hrs 46 min

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Their friendship would kill her…

Weaver and fiber artist Edith “Pen” Meyer knew her friend Sandy Merritt’s relationship with a married man was wrong. She had even urged Sandy to take out a restraining order against Kenneth Carpenter. Which was why her call to Sandy on February 23, 2005, seemed to come from out of the blue. During it, she told Sandy to drop the restraining order and get back together with Ken.

Pen was never seen again.

One man stood to gain from Pen’s disappearance: Ken Carpenter. But evidence was bleak: no blood, no DNA, no body. Until detectives found notes hidden beneath a leather chair that turned out to be a playbook for murder…