Relentless Pursuit



Vibrance Press

SKU: 9781624619427

Author: Kevin Flynn

Narrator: Eric Fox

Running time: 13 hours 46 minutes

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The true story of the brutal 1993 murder of a mother and daughter in Washington, D.C., told by federal homicide prosecutor Kevin Flynn.

RELENTLESS PURSUIT follows the personal mission of a Washington, D.C., federal homicide prosecutor who dedicated himself to bringing justice and closure to the family of a brutally murdered mother and daughter, a case during which the author’s own father passed away.

On a late May morning in 1993, a mother and daughter were found murdered in their home in northeast Washington, D.C. Within a matter of days, an arrest was made. For the victims’ family and friends, and for a prosecutor obsessed with justice—the harrowing impact of the crime was just beginning…