We Got Him



Vibrance Press

SKU: 9781624619311

Author: Elizabeth Searle

Narrator: Tanya Eby

Running time: 8 hours 45 minutes

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“Elizabeth Searle’s WE GOT HIM is an ingeniously plotted, suspenseful novel written in blood, mother’s milk, and the unintended consequence of rage. It is the story of one family’s inherited flaws, harbored guilts, and obsessive desires, whether for a child, a parent, or a second chance to do the elusive right thing. Powerfully worked against the unfolding events of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Elizabeth Searle’s taut drama of a young, pregnant stepmother and her troubled stepson is a narrative tour de force, interweaving public and private acts of terror with the redemptive, but ever–fragile, forces of love.” —Melissa Pritchard