Your Difference Is Your Strength



Vibrance Press

SKU: 9781624619960

Author: Kris Ferraro

Narrator: Kris Ferraro

Running time: 8 hours 24 minutes

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A Guide to Accepting Yourself — for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Out of Place

You were made to be extraordinary, so get going!

Your Difference is Your Strength is a book for anyone and everyone who has ever felt out of place, misunderstood, or just…different. It’s the book for the kid who was too creative or too shy or too “weird” and who grew up into an adult who still isn’t quite sure where they fit in or if they even want to. It’s a book for you.

In Your Difference is Your Strength, Kris Ferraro, author of Manifesting, invites the oddballs and underdogs of the world to stop hiding, minimizing, or disguising their differences and instead embrace them in a powerful new way. It’s a fearless, joyful call to finally be who you actually are in a world that seems to demand uniformity.

Filled with real life examples, personal stories, journal prompts, and practical wisdom, Your Difference is Your Strength will help you identify your own genre-defying brand of “weird” and harness that power in your outlook, your relationships, your work, and your life.